Press Release

‘Disobedience Award’ Nominee in Michigan

Michigan Conservative Coalition in Line for Prestigious National Recognition

Walled Lake, MI [Immediate Release]:  Michigan Conservative Coalition was nominated to receive the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab’s “Disobedience Award” for 2017.  The winner of this prestigious national award, totaling $250,000 in unrestricted cash, will be announced in July 21, 2017 in Cambridge, MA.


The MIT Media Labs Award program guidelines state that the Award is an innovative way to “honor work that impacts society in positive ways, and is consistent with a set of key principles, including non-violence, creativity, courage, and responsibility for one’s actions.”   The Award seeks to “highlight effective, responsible, ethical disobedience across disciplines (scientific research, civil rights, freedom of speech, human rights, and the freedom to innovate, for example)… build awareness and support of disobedience-robust work being done around the world.”  Learn more about the MIT Media Lab’s Award at


“This is certainly an unconventional award nomination,” said Meshawn Maddock a MCC spokesperson.  “Yet it is such an incredible honor that a world renowned university like MIT would consider MCC’s recent work to receive its ‘Disobedience Award’.  It is pretty humbling, but a large group of volunteers worked very hard to deliver our disobedient results! “


“Internally, we do occasionally call ourselves the ‘rebel alliance” as we can feel overwhelmed by the entrenched ‘powers that be’ who are not on the side of individual liberty.  That said, we also know that we are making progress in changing the political culture in Michigan.  The establishment elected officials know that we are watching and acting.”


Since MCC’s founding in 2016, the group has rallied conservative and independent citizens to make their voices known in a variety of ways including a 2016 statewide listening tours to gather data for consideration by the National Platform Committee at the RNC National Convention, held “flash mobs” during the 2016 election cycle which brought significant media attention to the Trump campaign in Michigan and published the recent “Dirty Dozen” list of Republicans who voted against modest income tax reform.  MCC also twice hosted the Midwest’s premier conference for conservative leaders called “Battle Cry”.   Battle Cry 2018 will be held at the Soring Eagle Resort on February 2 and 3, 2018.


Questions about the MIT Disobedience Award or MCC’s activities may be addressed by email to or call the MCC spokesperson for this program Meshawn Maddock at 248-866-2631