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“Dirty Dozen” Tax Protest Set for April 18

New Location Added to Protest Representatives who Voted Against Lowering Michigan Taxes

Walled Lake, MI [Immediate Release]:  Hard working taxpayers across Michigan will protest the failure to reduce Michigan’s tax rate.  The recent Michigan House vote would have reduced the Michigan income tax rate by a meager 0.20% (two tenths of one percentage point).  But this small rate reduction was not approved when the so-called “Dirty Dozen” elected Republican Representatives voted against reducing taxes. (Flyer attached lists each member of the “Dirty Dozen”.)


This tax protest event will be modeled after the successful flash mob events that occurred during Donald J.Trump’s presidential campaign.  To date, “Dirty Dozen” tax protests will be held at six U.S. Post Office locations across Michigan.  Those locations are Birmingham, Mt. Clemens, Novi, Holland, Traverse City and Hudsonville. 


This event will be held across Michigan on Tuesday, April 18 from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.  At each location, volunteers will rally and show anti “Dirty Dozen” and anti-tax signs to those taxpayers who will be dropping off their tax returns at their local post office.  Handmade signs, American flags or supporting signs are all welcome.


“We were shocked when twelve Republican Representatives, elected to support smaller government and lower taxes, would vote against doing what they said they would do.  Even more infuriating was that at the same time our Michigan Senate passed a tax given away that would give millions of OUR tax dollars to big real estate developers!” said Rosanne Ponkowski, President of Michigan Conservative Coalition.  “When elected officials cannot bring themselves to lower taxes paid by hard working Michigan taxpayers they need our attention.  This ‘Dirty Dozen’ protest will let voters know who voted to keep their Michigan taxes so high.  Then voters can decide at the ballot box.”


“We are working with our grassroots leaders across the state to distribute the ‘Dirty Dozen’ flyers.   If nothing else, we can vote for change in 2018 when all of these elected officials will likely be running for re-election or, worse, for some higher office, said Ponkowski. “They need to know we are watching and will take action!”


Questions about the protest or to add another post office location email MCC at or call the MCC Event Coordinator Meshawn Maddock at 248-866-2631


For the most up to date list of post locations visit MCC events on Facebook at