Press Release by Michigan Conservative Coalition     June 23, 2016

RNC Delegates Condemn Party “Insiders” Efforts to Block Trump Victory in Cleveland

Concerns expressed across Michigan

Commerce Township, MI [Immediate Release]:  Michigan Delegates to the RNC National Convention in Cleveland issued a statement this week calling for party unity (complete statement text is attached below).  


The statement condemns Michigan’s party “leaders” that are publically and actively working to block the nomination path for the presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump.  Many of these same party “leaders” have stated that they will not endorse Mr. Trump.


Kathy Berden (Snover,MI), Michigan’s RNC National Committeewoman weighed in on Facebook with "So much at stake we need to support and rally around the presumptive nominee to take back the White House!! I am proud as Michigan's RNC to pledge to support Donald Trump, the winner of the most votes in Michigan, the people's choice."


With many of the RNC Delegates to Cleveland being active volunteers for MCC from around the state, these concerns resonated. “Our MCC volunteers are often criticized as not being ‘team players’ if they object in any way to a candidate.  We are told ‘it is for the good of the party’ to fall in line,” said Rosanne Ponkowski, MCC President.  “Yet, here we have Trump who won in Michigan and won across the USA.  Yet the party establishment “leaders” can’t see any way to support a grassroots winner.  Where is the party’s unity speech now?”


MCC’s successful RNC Platform Listening Tour has heard from hundreds of grassroots activists around Michigan.  Meshawn Maddock (Milford, MI) is on the RNC Convention Platform Committee and has heard directly from the people regarding the Platform and Trump.  “How can party leaders not be enthusiastic for the presumptive GOP nominee?” said Maddock. “As I travel the state, his popularity across all sectors of people is so strong.  We need to stop the Democrat candidate who is a career liar and politician.”


MCC has sponsored Platform Listening Tour stops across the state with events in Oakland, Livingston, Muskegon, and Saginaw counties.  Future Listening Tour stop dates will be June 23 in Muskegon County and June 29 in Oakland County.   Other dates are anticipated and will announced as scheduled. 

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About the Michigan Conservative Coalition:   MCC is committed to our Founding Fathers’ Principles and to the Republican Party Platform.   For more information or to register for a Listening Tour stop contact








MIGOP preaches “unity”, but what are their actions?


Republican leadership always preaches unity.  Teamwork.  Coming together.  Building bridges.  Being on the same page.   Lining up behind “our” candidates---even when you personally may have had a different first pick.  


Grassroots voters have been hearing this message and have been on the receiving end of MIGOP “complaints” along this line for years.  


  • “You guys just aren’t team players,” it is said of grassroots leaders.  
  • “You folks need to come together behind ‘our’ candidate,” they tell us.


This is what the “leaders” say when a conservative candidate primaries an incumbent.  That is unacceptable.   But when a party establishment favorite primaries a strong conservative and elected official, that is considered to be “good for the party”.  More unity speeches are then delivered.


Now comes candidate Donald J. Trump.


Delegates were elected to represent Michigan Republicans and enter the RNC Convention pledged to vote for a specific candidate for president.  A similar process was used in other states to select their best representatives who will represent their citizens, with integrity, who cast their vote in those state primaries or caucuses.


This is how our party set up the rules.


Changing the rules right in the middle of the game would disenfranchise record numbers of Republicans who voted in the selection process this year. The Republican rules have been set, whether we like it or not. We are not Democrats. We believe in law and order.


So how is our presumptive GOP nominee for president welcomed by the MIGOP?  


This is a candidate that garnered more Republican votes than any candidate in history.  This is a candidate with well over the “magic number” of Delegate votes to lock up a first round Convention nomination.


How is this presumptive nominee welcomed. MIGOP elected and volunteer “leaders” are publicly speaking and conspiring against our presumptive candidate.  




One simple reason: Their candidate lost.   


If this primary process has shown one thing, it is that the American public now vividly sees the hypocrisy of the entrenched political leadership.


Donald Trump (and to a lesser degree Bernie Sanders) has achieved success largely because the people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They have had enough of the political process being locked down by party bosses, big money donors, special interests and unaccountable bureaucrats.  The entire system desperately needs a house cleaning.


In light of these electoral realities, we implore all Michigan Delegates to the RNC Convention and all elected GOP officials to stand firmly behind our presumptive nominee. We need to work together to beat the career politician and pathological liar who is running on the Democrat side.


When should we come together?


Right now.


How should our Michigan Delegates respond?

Speak boldly, loudly and with conviction. Tell the MIGOP “insiders” and our elected Republican leaders how you really feel about their lack of unity.  


We must head to Cleveland as a united party ready to make America great again. It is time to do what needs to be done to stop Hillary Clinton and the Democrat/liberal agenda.




Steve Boron - National Delegate (District 13) - Trump


Jodie Brown - National Delegate (District 13) - Cruz


Tamara Carlone - National Delegate (District 11) - Kasich


Margaret Copeland - National Delegate Alternate (District 5) - Trump


David Dudenhoefer - Chairman, District 13 Republican Committee


Tom Llewellyn - National Delegate Alternate (District 11) - Trump


Meshawn Maddock - National Delegate (District 11) - Trump


Debra Mantey - National Delegate (District 5) - Trump


Dennis Marburger - National Delegate (District 9) - Trump


Wes Nakagiri - National Delegate (District 8) - Trump


Diane Schindlbeck - National Delegate (District 2) - Trump

Marian Sheridan - National Delegate Alternate (District 11) - Trump