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March 8th, 2016
From: Michigan Conservative- Coalition

MIGOP's Hand-Picked Establishment Delegates Undermine the Integrity of Presidential Nomination

Presidential momentum is at a peak right now – only one day away from the Michigan Republican primary.  After last week's debate, Michigan conservatives are engaged and interested in the nomination process like never before, but their voices may not be heard during the Republican National Convention in August.

Michigan primary voters may be unaware that a sizable percentage of the Michigan presidential nominating delegates are hand-picked by MIGOP Chairwoman Ronna Romney-McDaniel and a choice group of influential establishment kingmakers. This has many observers concerned that the presidential nominee may be determined by the chosen few, rather than elected in a fair process by the people.

These controversial rules and their potential effect on the nominating process are summarized as follows:

  • Approximately 25 percent of the Michigan delegates that determine the Republican presidential nominee are appointed by the MIGOP credentials committee.
  • Duly elected precinct delegates get no vote on credential committee appointments, and the membership is decided at the sole discretion of Chairwoman Romney-McDaniel.
  • An insider cabal will present their selected list to the statewide delegates who are only permitted to approve or reject the list without offering any input. This will likely take place by voice vote to avoid transparency and accountability.
  • Duly elected delegates will elect a mere three delegates from their Congressional district while Chairwoman Romney-McDaniel and her committee select a total of 14 delegates for  the RNC National Convention.
  • Citizens who wish to be appointed by Chairwoman Romney-McDaniel must submit a letter of intent to the credentials committee before the MIGOP state convention begins in April.
  • The due date for a letter of intent to receive consideration by the monolithic credentials committee is not even disseminated to each duly elected precinct delegate by the MIGOP.
  • The party has refused to divulge the criteria that is considered in the selection of these influential delegates..


These facts beg the question: Why are an additional 14 delegates selected in a secret process rather than being elected by the voters in their Congressional districts like all of the other positions?

It is feared that these questionable rules were put in place to allow hand-picked delegates to throw the vote during the nomination in a last ditch effort by the entrenched party elite to preserve the status quo.

The RNC presidential nomination process is set up to allow delegates to change their candidate of choice in the midst of the process. After delegates arrive in Cleveland, they are only bound to their candidate through the first vote or until their candidate withdraws from the race, suspends their campaign, endorses another candidate, or seeks the nomination of another party.

Due to the unusually combative Presidential race this year, these arcane rules will likely be of tremendous importance during the upcoming conventions.

"The party establishment claims that these rules protect the integrity of their process, but that is just another big lie," Michigan Conservative Coalition Vice Chair Marian Sheridan said. "The goal is obviously to disenfranchise conservative voters. The party bosses want us to show up, take a pat on the head, follow their agenda mindlessly, and have no real voice in the actual process. It's why the party has devolved to its current state."

The situation draws eerie similarities to the Democratic primary process, where socialist independent Senator Bernie Sanders has run neck-and-neck with establishment darling Hillary Clinton throughout the country. However, in spite of his repeated strong showings, Sanders has received fewer allotted delegates than Clinton because of her dominance with so-called 'Superdelegates’ (a position given to party insiders in the Democratic Party that gives them special privileges to effectively nullify the vote of the people).

This 25 percent delegate cushion selected by the MIGOP may be the establishment’s underhanded way to give their cronies undue influence over an elective process to frustrate the will of the voters.

"We don't want our Presidential nominee appointed based on backroom deals between sore losers," Sheridan said. "We want the grassroots voters to decide our Republican candidates, not party bosses, insiders and cronies."

Although Donald Trump has won a substantial number of contests to this point, he has only secured around a third of the convention delegates awarded thus far. He will need to cross the 50 percent threshold of convention delegates on the first vote to win, which is not guaranteed by any means. It is expected that other contenders may combine forces to create a political “solution” that forces Trump out of the nomination, a move that many voters fear to be a serious and possibly fatal blow to the viability of the Republican Party.

"Our party has been fractured and divided by abuses of the election process that have taken place not just this year, but nearly every year," Sheridan said. "We saw in 2012 what happens when a candidate, in that case Mitt Romney, was selected for us.  Our great country cannot afford another repeat of that dismal mistake."

Please contact the Michigan Conservative Coalition with any documentation indicating corruption regarding precinct delegates and the presidential nominating process. We can be reached at or 616-987-1124.

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