MCC was the hit of the weekend bringing in "President Trump" for an appearance on the island.   The Pres walked around greating visitors and "crashing" political parties.  Great fun was had by all.  Bob DiBuono did a great job as Trump.   Here's an excert from an MLive story.    

50 people spent the day learning from one of the masters in polictical activism, Shawn Dow.   Shawn made them laugh, made them question, made them think, but mostly opened their eyes to the true nature of politics.   Lots of notes where taken.   Now we simply need to apply them!   What a power house we will be.   Congratulations for investing in yourselves and in the Conservative movement!   Now let's get to work!

PBSNewshour reached out to Meshawn Maddock and asked her to arrange a group of Trump supporters for them to interview.   They specifically wanted those who were for Trump from the start, those who had wanted another Republican candidate but eventually voted for Trump, and Democrats who voted for Trump.   Meshawn was able to gather a group of 19 people to participate.  PBS then flew a crew into Novi to do the interviews.  Some at the Lakeview Bar and Grill, and Linda Brandis in her home.