The Republican Establishment Declares War on Local Conservatives!

I regret to inform you that the same Establishment forces that disparaged Ted Cruz and Donald Trump as presidential candidates have now declared war on local party conservatives.

This war is being waged through the upcoming precinct delegate election on Aug. 2. Although most people are unaware of these little known positions, those elected have a strong voice in the Republican Party.

Many Pro-life, pro-marriage conservatives who support smaller government and personal responsibility recently discovered that getting elected as a precinct delegate was a way to help redirect the party to its founding platform principles from the ground up.  This changed the political landscape.

Party leadership across the state started to feel the pressure. They didn’t like the increased support for conservative principles and for the Republican platform.  They didn't want to be held to their campaign promises.

In Oakland County, the Chair of the party has struggled to maintain control over conventions and meetings even with rules that are designed to give the entrenched leadership all the advantages.

The Oakland County Republican Party Chair has enormous power under the rules of convention, yet little-known procedures have been used to fight against the growing number of individuals who have awakened to the corrupt practices and deception of the established party leadership.

This past April, the OCRP Chair, Theresa Mungioli, slashed the number of precinct delegates in Oakland County by 503 spots.  This is in spite of appeals from concerned community leaders to expand the number of delegates because of increased interest in the presidential election year.

We should be increasing the number of precinct delegates to beat Hillary in November. However, the OCRP chairwoman also has a re-election bid coming up in late 2016.  She knew that her best chance to be re-elected was to reduce the growing number of the discontent conservatives, even if it may hurt chances of getting a Republican in the White House.

In your precinct, you may have been challenged. Perhaps you were recruited by someone within the party and you were told that you would not have to do anything to be elected. Unfortunately, due to the delegate cuts, contested races have skyrocketed. Delegates will be pitted against each other and many will be shut out of the process needlessly.

Take a look at the Oakland County Clerk’s office web site and look at the number of people running in your particular precinct delegate race. Take note of other races too. You will now see that there are often 8, 9, and 10 people running in precincts allocated only 2 or 3 openings since the cuts were made in April. It was never like this before.

It is evident that the GOP establishment has decided that it is more important to maintain their control in Oakland County than to encourage unity and grow the number of volunteers to help ensure a presidential victory that will take our country back in 2016.
Senators like Mike Kowall and his wife, Oakland County Commissioner Eileen Kowall, actively recruited delegates to run against grassroots conservatives throughout his district. Many of the new recruits are lobbyists, political consultants, staffers, lawyers, friends and family members of politicians.

In Commerce Twp., where Representative Klint Kesto lives, there are three new delegates running.  Each has the last name Kesto and they are vying to fill three positions that are now held by grassroots conservatives in the community. Everyone who has seen Kesto’s record knows that it is far from conservative as exemplified by his support for the gas tax and Medicaid expansion.

Could our State Party, the County Party and our legislators really be working against us?

The party establishment has even used official party communications to issue baseless smears against Matt Maddock. This type of activity has been a part of a long line of similarly unethical and troubling behavior. They are fabricating stories and misrepresenting facts because conservatives are finally holding them accountable.
The Michigan Republican Party and the Oakland County Republicans say they don’t get involved in precinct delegate races and that they don’t know anything about the “dark money” being used to defeat conservatives.

Yet, we know the Michigan Republican Party has budgeted hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat conservative grassroots precinct delegates. In 2014, the Michigan Advocacy Trust, a surrogate of the establishment, sent out expensive mailers promoting liberal precinct delegates as the “true conservatives” that voters should support on election day. The question is how would MAT know who not to promote on their campaign material unless there was local establishment coordination?

The Line is Being Drawn in the Sand Right Now

There is one side - the grassroots Republicans who stand for constitutional fidelity, limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, religious freedom, and will not tolerate corruption and rule-breaking from their leaders.

There is another side - the party establishment that always tells us how conservative they are during election season, only to support crony capitalism, big government and liberal policies after they are elected.

It is time to stand on the right side of history. Learn more about how to become an effective conservative precinct delegate by attending an upcoming Platform, Politics and Pizzaevent near you on June 6th in Rochester or June 13th in Commerce.  Click the date to register through facebook.   Or RSVP at    

Feel free to call me if you have any questions about the content of this letter.
God Protect Our Country,
Marian Sheridan
248 225-1846
Precinct Delegate
Michigan Conservative Coalition Board Member